How to Overcome Improper Moulting?

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Shrimp generally molt every three to eight weeks and it takes a correct amount of Iodine to promote proper shrimp molting.

Improper Moulting

The main reason for a failed molt is likely because the water parameters are not optimal for your species of shrimp. The two most important water parameters to check when trying to identify the cause of bad molts are General Hardness and Alkalinity.

Promote Moulting

Check which molt phase the shrimp are at through regular pond sampling
Keep a register of molts, which may help in better anticipating the ensuing molts
Adjust the amount of feed distributed depending on the molt stage
Ensure that a proper intake of calcium and phosphorus is provided in order to help the new shell form itself

The use of osmoregulators can help reduce the extent of osmotic shock experienced by the shrimp, especially in farms in which the salinity level is low or high, or where the water exchange is limited.


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