Aquaconnect app’s latest version introduces powerful new features: Part 1

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Aquaconnect’s app has introduced ‘Feed Calculator’ to help farmers feed their shrimps the right quantity of feed. This is an attempt to help prevent over-feeding or under-feeding both of which impacts shrimp health.

Feed Calculator helps farmer:

1.Plan for feed requirements ahead of time by measuring results daily

2.Understand your shrimp’s feeding pattern and optimize for ideal FCR and shrimp growth

Tool: Feed Calculator

Calculate how much feed to give by measuring with

  1. DOC (Day of culture):The user needs to enter the stocking volume and DOC (number of days since the stocking date) or just the stocking date.
  2. Shrimp weight (ABW): Feed is calculated based on the body weight of the shrimp. All you need is the average body weight of the shrimp in grams.
  3. Leftover feed in check net: For this calculation, one needs to enter the feed given and the remaining quantity.

Find the feed calculator right next to “Market Price” in the “Discover” section

 Shrimp Feed Market Price - Aquaconnect            Shrimp Price - Feed Calculator - Aquaculture

Why is it a need of the hour?

It is important to ensure that the shrimps are rightly fed and not over/under fed. When the shrimps are over-fed, the unused feed remains in the pond bottom…gets decomposed and results in the accumulation of toxic compounds which can cause mass mortality!

Secondly, if the shrimps are not fed enough the growth gets affected.

Aquaconnect’s Feed calculator is a guide to help farmers ensure that he is feeding just the right quantity. This can help avoid feed wastage and maintain healthy pond condition!

Here’s a video on the Discover section and how to use the “Feed calculator”

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