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Algae is the foundation of the aquatic food chain. They can be single or multiple celled aquatic plants, that primarily produce energy through photosynthesis. The other term to describe algae is phytoplankton’s, mostly they are microscopic and controlled by water motion.

Algal bloom

Pond water primarily consists of different types of algal species. The single celled algal cells collectively called “algal bloom”. Generally algae pose various benefits to aquatic animals, there are some harmful species like blue green algae which has serious threats to fish/shrimp growth. Usually nutrient rich water leads to dense algal bloom which disturbs the growth of shrimp and causes growth related issues. 

Algae bloom in shrimp farming

Importance of planktons in shrimp culture:
  • Increases oxygen availability through photosynthesis
  • Reduces toxic compounds (Co2), ammonia, Nitrate, Hydrogen Sulphide & heavy metals.
  • Regulates the pH level of water & Stablise water temperature
  • Reduces the pathogenic bacterial loads and unwanted microbes
  • Prevents filamentous algae growth by blocking sun light to reach the pond bottom
  • Serves as food for baby shrimps (Post-larvae) after stocking, shading baby shrimps from direct sunlight.

How to develop bloom in shrimp pond?

  • Proper nutrients, water temperature, pH & sun light are needed for bloom development.
  • Planktons take up the nutrients Nitrogen and phosphorus from the water which can be added naturally or artificially.
  • Lime the pond to increase the pH from acidic condition.
  • Before stocking, bloom has to be prepared with fermented juice.

Algae Bloom

Fermented juice preparation:

Add Molasses/jaggery, rice bran, commercial probiotics, yeast and water in a tank. Aerate this mixture for 48 hours for proper oxygen supply. Add half of this juice in the pond at noon time. Make up the remaining juice with molasses and yeast and aerate for 24 hours. Add the remaining juice to the pond.


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