Coping with Risk in Shrimp Farming

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Shrimp production is definitely a business that promises excellent returns. Shrimp farming comes with its own risks. Panic not!!! Here are some amazing coping mechanisms that might come handy…

What can be done if your Vannamei crop fails?

This is not uncommon nowadays. Every now and then there is an arrival of a new disease that makes the livelihood of farmers difficult! (The best way is to be precautious and follow good farming practices though)

If a vannamei crop fails due to some reason, culture of edible oysters/ mussels/ clam can be done and these are equally profitable. Well, who doesn’t like a change!? Your pond would be happy welcoming oysters or clams

vannamei crop fails in shrimp farming

Crop rotation is known as a good sanitary practice for sustainable management. Works like how agricultural crop rotation helps soil regain necessary nutrients.

Another option would be to give the pond a break for 30-45 days. The area should be dried completely and let the sun do the rest. If a vannamei crop fails twice it would be ideal to leave the pond idle for six months.

So, the above case is when your crop fails! There is yet another farming practice that is getting the farmers attention.

Paddy and Shrimp can coexist!

Rice and shrimp would go well together!! Maybe they have strong bond even before they are on your plate!

Paddy and Shrimp can coexist

Popularly known as ‘Pokkali farming’, paddy and shrimp are grown alternatively in the same pond area. This technique has been practiced in parts of Kerala and are known to be highly beneficial since

  1. Returns are lucrative;
  2. Taste and quality of the Pokkali Shrimp and Paddy is unbeatable!

Pokkali farming

And, a classic benefit would be the residual remains of shrimp culture becoming a fertilizer for paddy. Since paddy and shrimp can coexist, farmers can alternatively switch between the two for best returns.


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