Pond Cleaning and Drying in Aquaculture

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Pond cleaning and drying:

Before going to start a new culture ponds should be cleaned completely to remove the debris, carcasses, algal mats and dark bottom soil etc. Ponds should be dried completely under the sun till the top soil cracks.

Pond drying in aquaculture

Importance of pond drying:

Pond drying is the first step in pond preparation. It is more effective in eliminating unwanted species in the pond bottom. It helps to mineralize the organic content of the bottom and oxidizes the harmful substance like sulphides

Pond drying and cleaning in aquaculture.

Why is pond cleaning important?

Waste material which is settled in the pond may contain unwanted organisms and microbes from the previous culture. During pond preparation for a new culture, the waste from the previous culture should be removed to attain good physical condition and healthy environment. Based on the draining conditions wastes can be removed.  Farmers use the below methods:

  • Dry method
  • Wet method

Dry vs Wet methods

  • After completely draining out, the pond is left to dry directly over the sunlight for a period of 10 – 30 days. Then the dried waste is removed from the pond either by manual or mechanical methods. Wet method waste is flushed out by pressure washing method until the complete removal of the dark acidic layer.
  • Dry method can be used for completely drainable ponds. Wet method is suitable for non-drainable ponds.
  • Compared to dry method, wet method cleaning is more efficient and has a shorter time period.
  • Dry method may be able to create acidity and may lower the pond bottom. Wet method needs a separate sedimentation pond to avoid the contamination.

pond drying in shrimp pond

 Points to remember:

Inadequately dried ponds may lead to disease outbreak and whereas, the farms which are dried over a period of 30-45 days aids to create a successful harvest.

Tilling and ploughing the pond bottom helps to dry out the pond easily, helps in mineralization, expose and aerates the bottom sediments.

Ponds in a condition of hard to fully drain, liming would help to remove the unwanted organisms.

shrimp culture pond preparation


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