Shrimp Pond Design and Construction

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What's the need for Pond Designing?
A proper layout or design of a pond helps to reduce construction costs and also for efficient management of pond activities. Proper pond design and construction are essential for trouble-free operations and proper management of production activities. It also helps to avoid critical conditions like heavy rains, floods, and storms during culture.

What are all parameters to preplan before starting pond construction?

  • Pond shape and size
  • Water supply canals
  • Water inlet and outlet
  • Drainage systems
  • Pond bund and dykes sizes
  • Reservoirs setup
  • Waste dumping areas
  • Pond linings setup
  • Other set up like office, feed and equipment storage rooms, labor staying rooms, electricity rooms
  • Biosecurity measures.


What are all good parameters to note down during the pond construction?

  • The pond should be at a minimum elevation of 0.4 to 0.6 m is essential to ensure proper drainage.
  • Rectangular or square ponds are good for culture practices.
  • The pond should be a minimum of 1.5-2 Meter depth.
  • The dykes of the pond should be 1-1.5 Meter
  • The slope of the dyke may range from 1:1 for clayey soil and 3:1 for sandy soil.
  • Ponds outside slope of 1:1 and an inside slope of 1:2 should be preferred.
  • The pond bottom should have a slope of 1:2 towards the outlet with an overall drop of 20-30cm. This will facilitate easy draining and drying of the pond bottom.
  • In the case of biosecurity measures like bird cover, crab fencing, and disinfection dip to avoid horizontal contaminants.
Points to remember
  • A well-experienced qualified aquaculture engineer should be employed to ensure the proper construction of the pond.
  • Site characteristics vary from place to place, and a site-specific approach to the design and construction of the pond is necessary
  • Construction of sluices and supply channels should be done carefully to avoid future problems in water management.
  • After constructing the pond, just fill the water in the pond to identify leakages and reconstruct them.

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