Signs That Your Pond Needs Immediate Attention

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Signs that your pond needs immediate attention

External factors play a very major role in shrimp farming. How? Well, as we know shrimps are very sensitive, changes in the water quality will have a drastic impact on its growth. If corrected in the initial stages, we can handle it all.

Here are some of the indicators that tell you that your pond needs immediate attention!

Shrimps swimming on the pond surface:

When you see a group of shrimps coming on to the surface of the pond during the day, it means they are under stress. The underlying reason might be due to a lack of oxygen or even high temperature. A constant check on dissolved oxygen needs is made. Also, it should be ensured that the temperature doesn’t go beyond 32 degrees as high temperatures can cause increased mortality.

Shrimps swimming at the edges:

Shrimps get to the edges of the pond during the day when there is food scarcity. Underfeeding during the initial days can cause stunted growth.

Dead shrimps floating on the surface:

Dead shrimps floating on the surface

One or two dead shrimps floating on the surface is normal. But attention is required when there is a group of dead shrimps floating around. One of the reasons for mass mortality might be due to an increase in ammonia levels in the pond. Overfeeding is the major cause leading to the decomposition of organic matter thereby resulting in ammonia deposits in the pond.

Rotten egg smell:

Rotten egg smell

This can be identified by gas bubbles in the middle of the pond which is H2S (Hydrogen sulphide). This gas is the reason behind the foul smell. H2S, also known as the silent killer, is known to be 100 times more dangerous than ammonia. This blocks the shrimps from taking up oxygen. H2S is so dangerous that if found in small amounts shrimps become weak and vulnerable. If found is a larger amount, mass mortality occurs.

To Conclude, mentioned above are some of the identifiers that tell you that your pond needs immediate care. We, at Aquaconnect ensure that we provide the best possible advisory which is our baby step towards sustainable aquaculture.


Have you faced any of the above situations? We would be glad to help you find a feasible solution.

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