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Aquasol Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit – 250 Tests

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Dissolved Oxygen (DO) refers to the volume of oxygen that is present in water. DO is essential for the aquatic plant and animal life. DO analysis measures the amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) dissolved. In an aqueous solution, DO measurement is a tricky business, but our kit (Aquaculture Water Quality Test Kit) makes testing easy and simple. 

Why Aquasol DO Test Kit ? 

  • Easy to follow procedures.
  • Economical.
  • Rapid & Accurate. 
  • Based on proven methods. 
  • Reliable. 
  • Backed by sound chemical research. 

Product Details 

  • Brand : Aquasol
  • Cover Material : Plastic
  • Range : 0.5-8.0 mg/l as O2
  • No of tests : 250
  • Code : AE-DO8

Directions for use

DO Fixing:

  • Rinse the DO test bottle 2-3 times with sample water. Fill it till it overflows with the sample water and then stopper the bottle and ensure that no air bubbles are trapped inside.
  • Now add 10 drops of D.O.1 followed by 10 drops of D.O.2. Mix Well. Wait for a minute. A brown precipitate will be formed and will start settling. Firmly stopper the bottle and shake the content thoroughly. Keep the bottle in a safe place for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Now Add 10-12 drops of D.O.3. Replace the stopper and shake the bottle till the precipitate Dissolves, Add more drops if required to dissolve.
  • Now this sample is used for testing.

DO Determination:

  • Take 10ml of sample (from step 3 of D.O Fixing) in the test jar.
  • Add 4 drops of D.O.4. Mix Well.
  • Now drop wise* Add D.O.5, Counting the number of Drops while mixing until the blue color disappears.

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