Ardis : Paddle Wheel Long Arm Impeller (Single Mould)

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Ardis : Paddle Wheel Long Arm Impeller (Single Mould)

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A paddle wheel is a form of waterwheel or impeller in which a number of paddles are set around the periphery of the wheel. It has several uses, some of which are:

  • Very low-lift water pumping, such as flooding paddy fields at no more than about 0.5 m (20 in) height above the water source.
  • To move and mix algae culture in the raceway ponds used for algaculture.
  • Propulsion of watercraft (as a paddlewheel)
  • Low head hydropower (as a waterwheel)
  • Flow sensors
  • Aerators

Working Principle

  • High speed working Impellers splash the water into the air, this splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and be brought into the The dissolved oxygen in the water increase.
  • The working impellers produce waves and currents, which make the saturated ammonia, CO2, Methane, Hydrogen, go out of water and Improves the water quality.


  • Our paddle wheel aerator are improved & Produced according to international
  • High efficient electric motor with low power consumption and metal gear system. A mechanical seal is available to prevent oil leakage.
  • This electric motor works in low and high
  • L angle SS frame holds the aerator very stable & performance is achieved.
  • All ‘UV Resistance’ Plastic parts are used for better life in sunlight also harmless for aqua

All the spare parts are available and can be procured easily.

Product Details

  • 304 Bush is used 
  • Toughness against corrosion and sunburn
  • Professional designed paddle and best angle, substantial water splash, strong water current and high Replaceable paddle, lower maintenance
  • Raw material Virgin UV protected
  • SS oxygenation
  • Tested @1.5 times of actual working
  • In-house manufacturing facility which achieves high quality in product
  • PPCP Wt: 2 Kgs ; Nylon wt.3.3 Kgs
  • On special order we supply the product with nylon impellers.

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