Clinzex (25 KG)

Clinzex (25 KG)

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CLINZEX was formulated to maintain healthy environment in pond, as the bottom consists of organic substance undergone decay and released in the form of 'Ammonia';. It releases other gases like sulphur di oxide, hydrogen sulphide etc.  Zeolites absorb ammonia through its 'Cation Exchange Capacity',
enhances growth of shrimps.

SiO 2 (60-65%), Al 2 O 2 (18-22%), Fe 2 O 3 (2-3%), CaO(15-18%), MgO(2-5%), Na 2 O (1-2%)


  • Purifies Water : Cleans Pond Bottom
  • Increases D.O. 
  • Helps in reproduction of plankton
  • Removes bad odour .


  • For pond preparation : 50 kgs or more per Ha
  • During Culture : Minimum 15-20 kgs or more per Ha 
  • Dosage and time can be adjusted based on prevailing culture conditions or as advised by your  consultant.

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