Environ AC (5 KG)

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Environ AC with its specific, non-pathogenic, beneficial microorganisms continuously biodegrade variety of the accumulated organic load at the pond bottom.Removes the organic load through a continuous mineralization process in a systematic way and release nutrients into the pond environment.

Non-pathogenic, beneficial and native microorganisms in a bio-fixed form. Oligonutrients present in the Cocolith are CaO, SiO 2 , P 2 O 5 , Fe, Cu, Mn, V, Co, B etc.


  • Stable algal bloom.
  • Animal is clean and healthy, free from diseases.
  • Excellent growth rate with best feed consumption.
  • Good survival rate and improved yields


  • It is very important to develop an appropriate level of algal bloom.
  • We recommend a pond water transparency (sacchi-disco of 35-45 cm prior to first application of ENVIRON-AC TM ).
  • A total quantity of 50-150 kg/Acre of ENVIRON-AC TM  in split dosages of one application per month would be required depending upon the stocking density.

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