DO Plus

Sprinkler Aerator 0.5 HP - DO plus

  • Rs. 41,000.00
  • Save Rs. 1,000

DO+ Sprinkler Aerator,  a product from "Dissolved Oxygen Plus" designed for low power consumption and delivering high performance. Aeration with sprinklers, the water jet comes out from the nozzle with high velocity and falls into the water in drops, thus contacting the air on a large surface and dissolving oxygen from it. When the water drops hit the water surface of the  pond, turbulence occurs and increasing the diffusion of air into the water. The water jet nozzle is directed down into the water at 45 degrees helps to mix DO to the bottom of the pond and creating a regular flow of water. Major benefits of sprinkler aerator is the low operational and maintenance cost which in turn reduce the production cost.


  • Energy efficient (0.5 hp Single phase motor)
  • Filter with online flush out system
  • More dissolution capacity due to fine droplets generation
  • Circulation of oxygenated water at the bottom of the pond.
  • Eliminates all possible water contamination chances from oil leaks and spoilage.
  • Enhances Sweeping area and keeps away predatory birds.

Area coverage: One unit Sprinkler Aerator: 0.5 hp pump, water jets, floats, coverage area of 250 sq.m

Power consumption comparison:
Paddle Wheel  Aerator:  10 no.s/pond (2 HP)
Sprinkler Aerator: 10 no.s /pond (1/2 HP single phase)
Savings in operational cost:
Paddle wheel aerators- 2HP * 10 = 20 HP
Sprinkler Aerator- ½ HP*10 = 5 HP
Other info:
Manufacturer: Dissolved Oxygen Plus
Model: Sprinkler Aerator
Warranty: 1 Yr & Price Excl. of taxes
We offer free transportation and installation. 

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