Nutrigut 500g

Nutrigut 500g

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Nutrigut (Synergistic blend of botanical extracts to reduces shrimp diseases)

Baylife Nutrigut is a fine blend of specially selected botanical extracts and essential oils. It is combined with medium chain fatty acids, formulated to reduce the impact of diseases in shrimp culture.


  • Improves the productivity and overall health of the shrimp through multiple mechanisms.
  • Protects shrimp by suppressing the virulence and growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Selected blend of botanical extracts has specific bactericide activity against pathogenic bacteria but promotes the growth of beneficial and probiotic bacteria
  • The synergistic effects will support shrimp during episodes of vibrosis, running mortality and will reduce the impact of microsporidian EHP.
  • Reduces mortality, supports the hepatopancreas condition and reduces the risk of white faeces. Reduces the impact of running mortality and improves growth and yield in shrimp farming.

Composition: Formulated blend of botanical extracts and essential oils in combination with specific medium-chain fatty acids.

Application: Apply 2-5gm/Kg of feed on every feeding

Recommendations: Mix 2-5gm per Kg of feed with a suitable binder. Mix homogeneously and shade dry for 20 minutes prior to feeding, the dose can be increased to 5-6gm to BaylifeNutrigut per Kg of shrimp feed. 

Net wt:500 gms
Storage:Store the product under conditions away from direct sunlight. Use within 24 months of manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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