Power Min (20 KG)

Power Min (20 KG)

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PowerMin is an effective solution for mineral imbalance in high density stocked ponds, designed to meet mineral deficiency in feeds as well as in aquaculture ponds. It can easily absorbed directly by shrimp from the water across gills and other membranes. PowerMin is the perfect ingredients formulation for success of aquaculture operations. 

It provides essential macro and micro minerals: 
Calcium: 25.5%, Phosphorus: 12.75% , Magnesium: 6000 mg , Potassium: 100 mg, and other trace elements in appropriate levels.


  • During pond preparation: 20- 30 kg/ha.
  • During culture: 10-20 kg/ha once in every 15 days to provide a nutrient balance in pond water or advised by consultant.


  • To promote the development of plankton when applied during pond preparation.
  • To prevent the imbalance of mineral ions in the water.
  • To helps in regular moulting and formation of exoskeleton in shrimp.
  • To improve uniform growth , hormonal and enzymatic activities in shrimp.
  • To enhance disease resistance and defense mechanism.

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