Blanca 4S (25 KG)

Blanca 4S (25 KG)

  • Rs. 1,775.00
  • Save Rs. 318

Blanca 4S is a formulated feed product from CP India pvt ltd, specifically
designed to enhance the supply of essential nutrients to ensure the growth of the
shrimps/prawns. It was developed precisely to enhance the yield of shrimp along
with sustainable approach..

Moisture – desired level
Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Fiber – suitable at this stage.
Antibiotics - Nil
Essential amino acids, minerals and Anti oxidant in appropriate levels.

How to use:
Daily feeding frequency would be around 4 times or as advised by your consultant.

Perfectly formulated feed meet essential requirements of shrimps at this stage.
As balanced nutrition ensures increased survival and tolerance rate.
Presence of amino acids helps maximum retention of food by shrimps.
Absence of antibiotics leads to lack of residues in meat and adds more value

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