Godrej Q -Sense

Godrej Agrovet

Godrej Q -Sense - Quorum Sensing in Shrimp - 500 g


Q –Sense is a specific mixture of herbal extracts, yeast extracts and fatty acids that reduces the impact of diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria especially Vibrio sps & other parasites.  The unique combinations of ingredients will boost the shrimp/fish robustness by activating its immune systems & producing specific compounds that clearly works against pathogenic & opportunistic bacteria without disturbing the probiotic bacteria in the gut. It’s Quorum Sensing Inhibition Technology able to reduce or stop the virulence at low doses.


  • Modulation of the gut microbiota: Supporting the probiotic bacteria and inbihiting or killing (dose dependence) the pathogenic bacteria
  • Increase of the gut microbiota diversity, ensuring optimized gut integrity
  • Reducing pathogenicity and bacterial virulence due to Quorum Sensing Inhibition activity
  • Inhibition of EHP spore release
  • Immune and anti-inflammatory activity modulation



Preventive dose : 3-5g/Kg, two meals a day out of four
Corrective dose : 8g/Kg, two meals a day out of four  


Herbal Extracts, Medium chain fatty acids, yeast Extracts

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