Godrej DE-AM - 500 g

Godrej Agrovet

Godrej DE-AM - 500 g

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The Godrej Agrovet's DE-AM is a Natural Ammonia Controller for shrimp which is a Pure natural extract from the Yucca schidigera plant rich in glyco-compounds that instantly binds with un-ionized ammonia thereby, reducing ammonia toxicity.


  • Reduction in gill irritation
  • Increase of appetite and better feed utilization
  • Reduction of off-flavor ammonia odors

Dosage & Composition

  • Dry natural extract from the Yucca schidigera plant
  • Application dose varies with stocking density and ammonia levels
  • Recommended dose: 0.5 Kg/hectare

Directions of Use 

  • Water application: Mix 0.5 Kg DE-AM per hectare in pond water in the ratio 1:5 and broadcast all over the Pond
  • Feed application: Mix 2-3 grams of DE-AM per Kg of feed homogeneously. Use of suitable binder and drying for 20 mins prior to feeding recommended

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