Envomin (10 KG)

Envomin (10 KG)

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EnvoMin TM  provides such micro-nutrients which are favorable to build up the disease resistance and immune response, provides mineral mixtures which are easily digestible by Shrimps. The available form of essential nutrients improves digestion, absorption, leading to faster growth rate and high weight gain.

Complex mixture of essential micro-nutrients in inert form with Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium. Rich with Amino Acids and high quality growth promoters.


  •  Better digestibility and disease resistance.
  •  Helps to develop immune response and defense mechanism.
  •  Optimizes FCR and maximizes productivity.
  •  Enriches pond water by developing plankton.
  •  Maintains pH of pond water.


  • 10 g/Kg of feed for prevention.
  • 15 g/Kg of feed for treatment.
  •  For pond preparation 25 Kg/Acre (1 meter water depth) or as advised by consultant.

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