Gelomax - Binder Powder for Better Feed Stability - 1 Kg (100 g * 10)


Finray Gelomax  is a speciality cost-effective binder powder for better feed stability and helps binding all forms of powder feed supplements of Shrimps and Fish. Gelomax is stable, bio available, attractive enough to the shrimps, good nutritive value and convenient to handle. 


  • Binds all form of feed supplements, probiotics and additives. 
  • Better water stability and helps to bind all form of powders in feeds. 
  • Organic, water stability and increases the bio availability of the feed supplements.
  • Maximize production and optimizes the FCR. 
  • Improve pigmentation, digestion of fishes and shrimps. 

Dosage & Application

  • Mix 100 g of GELOMAX Powder in 1 L water. 
  • Mix thoroughly and keep it for 15 mins to make gel. 
  • Use 10 - 15 g/Kg feed as binding agent. 

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