KARYOSIL - Disinfectant for Shrimp Farming


KARYOSIL - Disinfectant for Shrimp Farming


Shrimp farming is commercially viable only when the shrimp are healthy and grows at its potential rate. This is possible only if the ponds are free from disease causing organisms like virus, bacteria etc. If the disease causing organisms existing in water grow beyond threshold, they harm the growth of shrimp resulting in severe losses to the farmers. Once the disease causing organisms enter the shrimp body, they multiply and get released into the pond water. This results in further infections.

To avoid this, the disease causing organisms in the pond need to be kept under control at all times. Then only the shrimp growth will be good resulting in profits to the farmers. Keeping this in view, the product “KARYOSIL” is developed with the help of new environment friendly technology.

Major benefits of “KARYOSIL”:

  • Very effective against pathogenic disease causing harmful microorganisms.
  • Selectively controls harmful bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses and protozoa and keeps the pond free from harmful microbes.
  • It is non-toxic and environment friendly disinfectant.
  • It is anti-biotic free.
  • Causes no damage to pond ecosystem.
  • As it is a completely biodegradable product without any residual effects, it will not cause any damage to environment and pond ecosystems even if used repeatedly.
  • Due to the presence of biopolymers on the product, it is effective against disease causing microorganisms only and protects beneficial bacteria.


During pond preparation: 2 to 5 litres per acre

During culture: 1 litre per acre once in 11 days or as recommended by aqua technicians depending on the pond position.

Method Of Application: Mix 1 litre of KARYOSIL in 100 litres of water and spray
uniformly over the pond.

The product contains size controlled nano silver particles encapsulated in a potent biopolymer.

Storage: Protect from heat and direct sunlight.

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