Machigut - Probiotic for Fish Gut Health - Aqua Fish Feed Supplement - 900 g


MELBA's Machi Gut (Probiotic for fish gut health - Aqua fish feed supplement) is an encapsulated gut probiotic formulation specifically for use in fish farming for improving fish health and better growth. 


Machigut™is a special encapsulated formulation composed of Bacillus and yeast strains along with Lactic acid bacteria which are non invasive but efficient colonizers.

The Bacillus and Lactic acid bacteria coggregate and form normal balanced intestinal microbiota producing bacteriocins antagonistic to pathogens.

The Yeast strains present colonize to produce enzymes that reject localization and hamper any developments of pathogenic bacteria in fish gut. 


  • Prevents bacterial and viral infections in fish gut.
  • Improves FCR and body growth by better feed absorption with regular use of Machigut ™. 
  • Improves overall fish health and provides resistance against diseases. 

Dosage & Application

  • 2 - 3 g/Kg of feed for all meals. 

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