Melba PSB-L - Shrimp Water Probiotics for Aquaculture - 5 L

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MELBA PSB-L (Shrimp Water Probiotics in Aquaculture) is an improved high potent photosynthetic bacteria formulation specially formulated for use in shrimp aquaculture for pond water quality, pond bottom management and reduction of pond sludge. 

Melba PSBL ™is a high potent formulation composed of photosynthetic bacteria.

The Phytobacteria present in Melba PSB L ™are well known for actions against toxic gas formation, degradation of sediment and oxidation of the waste in pond.

The product is formulated to work even in low DO conditions of the pond and
anaerobic area of the sludge formed in the pond.



  • Superior and highly effective photosynthetic bacteria formulation. Maintains optimum water quality and reduces pond bottom sludge.
  • Decompose shrimp waste in the pond and reduces bad odor .
  • Performs well under low DO conditions. Supports growth of other native beneficial bacteria in the pond.

Application & Dosage

  • Regular Application :  Apply 5 ltr per acre at 1 m water depth. Mix 5 ltr of PSB L in 5 ltr of water and spread evenly in the pond. No brewing needed. Apply once in 7 days.
  • Treatment Application : Before Stocking
    PL: 3 days prior to stocking, apply 15 ltr per acre at 1m water depth to promote
    healthy water quality.
  • Black Soil Treatment During Crop : : 15 ltr per acre at 1 m water depth for first
    application followed by 10 ltr per acre at 1m water depth after 7 days and continue with regular dosage of 5 ltr once in 7 days.

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