Mizuphor (1 L)

Mizuphor (1 L)

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MIZUPHORTM  has been recognized as an effective disinfectant, by virtue of modern science iodine has been transformed into iodophor. It has the essential concentration of stable and bio-available unlike conventional forms of iodine, iodophor is stable under normal conditions of storage and is effective in cold as well as hard water.

It cures swollen gills, red gills, tail rot, broken appendages in shrimp / prawns.

Also it controls bacterial, viral, fungal, protozoans and from secondary infection in case of wounds caused by external damages.

Provides a conducive environment for growth to the shrimps.

How to use:
Shrimp ponds: 2-3 litres / ha (1 meter water depth), dilute required quantity of MIZUPHORTM in water outside of the pond and spray uniformly throughout the pond. Consult your field staff / your aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions.


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