Nutrifeast 500g

Nutrifeast 500g

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Nutrifeast (Improves Nutrition and Health)

Baylife Nutrifeast is a specifically formulated probiotic with selected Bacillus strains to improve the nutrition and health of shrimps through multiple mechanisms.


  • It complements shrimp’s ability to digest the feed.
  • The enzymes secreted by Bacilius strains help in easy digestion of protein, starch and Lipids. This results in improved digestion and feed conversion. 
  • Production of Natural anti-microbial compounds, thus reducing the risk of vibrious and oter bacterial diseases
  • Selected Bacilus strains produce extra Cellular Compounds that enhance the immune system response, there by protecting the shrimp from disease.
  • BayLife  NUTRIFEAST reduces morality and improves growth and yield in shrimp farming.

Composition: Specifically selected strains of Bacillus licheniformis, B. pumilus and B. Subtilis compatible with the shrimp’s digestive system. 

High spore count:>1.5*10^9 cfu/gm to enhance control of Pathogenic bacteria in the gut through competitive Exclusion.

Application: Apply  1-2 gms/kg on Every Feeding.
Recommendations: Mix 1-2 gms of BayLife NUTRIFEAST per kg of shrimp feed with  Suitable binder, mix homogenously, and shade dry for 20 minuteas prior to feeding.
Net wt:  500 gms
Storage: Store the product on cool and dry condition away from direct sunlight.
Use with in 24hrs of manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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