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Nutrisorb (Natural Ammonia Control)

BayLife NUTRISORB is a dry natural extract from Yucca Schidigera Plant, rich in glycol-compounds which have strong binding capacity for ammonia reducing its negative effects in shrimp production. 


  • NUTRISORB will help the farmers to control ammonia which is produced by the Nitrogen Metabolism in Shrimp and Bacteria.
  • Build-up of un-ionized ammonia occurs frequently and can, in combination with higher pH, become harmful to Shrimp resulting in poor growth and mortality.
  • The glycol-Compounds in NUTRISORB bind and Neutralize the un-ionized ammonia in the pond resulting in increased pond productivity.

 Composition: Yucca Schidigera extract in powder form

Water application:

Mix 250 gm/hectare in to water at a ratio(1:5) and spread the diluted product evenly over the pond surface daily. Turn on the aerator after application for the better coverage. 

Feed Application:
Mix 0.25 gms/kg of shrimp feed with a suitable binder, Mix homogenously and shade dry for 20 Mins prior to feeding.


Net wt: 1 kg
Storage: Store this product out of direct sunlight under cool and dry conditions. Use within 24 months following manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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