Phytomin-AQ (20 KG)

Phytomin-AQ (20 KG)

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Phytoplankton and zooplankton are natural sources of feed for the growth of aquatic animals like fish and shrimp. The floating microscopic plants or the phytoplankton are the micro algae which form the basic food for all the aquatic animals. Shrimp and fish depend on these basic foods to fulfill their nutrient requirements. The success of aquaculture operation depends on the soil and water management, viz., maintaining optimum bloom, Oxygen and use of quality feed and feed additives.


Zinc - 5% Manganese - 1% Magnesium - 0.5% Molybdium - 15 ppm Phosphorus - 5% and also contain trace quantities of Sodium, Potassium, lodine,
Silicon Dioxide, Aluminium Silicate, Cobalt++ Non specific Nutrients.




  •  Maintains stable and healthy bloom.
  • Reduces the usage of inorganic fertilizers.
  • Reduces the usage of Lime and Dolomite Regulates pH.
  • Maintains water and soil quality and enhances yield.



10 - 20 kgs / acre once in 15 days in a depth of 1 metre water column or consult Aqua Specialist for specific usage.


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