Soiltone 5Kg

Soiltone 5Kg

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SOILTONE contains zeolites (micro porous crystalline hydrated aluminosilicates), that have very unique physicochemical characteristics such as ion exchange and adsorption–desorption properties. Its application improves water quality of fish farms and fish transportation tanks by selective capturing of ammonia and toxic heavy metals. A good quality natural zeolite with viable bacterial inoculation can further augment the soil enrichment process to a great extent.

The potential benefits of SOILTONE in aquaculture ponds include:
  • enhanced decomposition of organic matter,
  • reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations,
  • better algal growth, greater availability of dissolved O2,
  • less cyanobacteria (blue-green algae),
  • control of ammonia, nitrite & hydrogen sulfide,
  • lower incidence of diseases,
  • greater survival & greater shrimp fish production. 

A number of biological products including live bacterial inoculate, enzyme preparations & plant extracts are being promoted for use as water and soil quality conditioners in aquaculture ponds and particularly in shrimp ponds. Pond studies have shown that the application of an enzyme preparation like SOILTONE tends to enhance microbial mineralization of organic matter.


  • Efficient decomposition of organic matter (mineralization) at the pond bottom
  • Improves pond health by decreasing the BOD
  • Good feed intake, better FCR & good survival
  • Ensures best plankton profile, thus reduces plankton crash.
  • Reduces the cost of mineral expenditure by reducing bottom sludge

Composition: Soil detoxifying microbes and finest quality of zeolite with greater CEC

Dose: For Pond Application: 2-3 kg/1000m3 of water volume once in every 10 days

For Use in Feed: 15-20 gm/kg of feed for 3 days in a week

Presentation: 5 Kg. Bag

Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK

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