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Y-Organ - Prawn Molting Micronutrient- 100 g

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Y-ORGAN is a natural micronutrient product providing a nourishing food source for the healthy growth of prawns and promotes efficient and frequent molting of prawns. 


  • It provides essential nutrients like proteins, organic amino acids, trace elements, enzymes and vitamins which can be easily digested by prawns.
  • It also keeps them free of stress.
  • Effective with both fresh and saltwater prawns and intensive and semi-intensive farming conditions.
  • It is environmentally friendly and is free of chemicals or antibiotics.


Protein - 7.09%

Amino Acid Complex:-

Aspartic Acid            2.49 mg/g                  Methionine                   0.18 mg/g
Threonine                  0.58 mg/g                  Iso-leucine                    0.52 mg/g
Serine                        0.56 mg/g                  Leucine                         0.76 mg/g
Glutamic Acid           1.71 mg/g                  Tryosine                       0.46 mg/g
Proline                       0.29 mg/g                  Phrnylalanine               0.45 mg/g
Glycine                      0.54 mg/g                  Histidine                       0.15 mg/g
Alanine                      1.00 mg/g                  Lysine                           0.29 mg/g
Valine                        0.68 mg/g                  Arganine                       0.24 mg/g
Cystine                      0.46 mg/g                  Tryptophan                   0.20 mg/g
Vitamin B1                8.72 ug/100g             Vitamin B2                   4.76 mg/100g  
VitaminB6                 0.80 mg/100g            Vitamin B12                 0.81 ug/100g
Niacin                        2.10 mg/100g            Panthothenic Acid        0.53 mg/100g
Folic Acid                  7.47 ug/100g


Application & Dosage

For 1 Ha. Pond, Mix 100 ml of Y-ORGAN with pond water in a bucket.  Pour the contents into the pond at each paddlewheel aerator. 1 ml of Y-Organ can also be diluted and spread over 1 kg of feed. Minimum one meal per day.

Packing: Sealed plastic containe
Net Quantity: 100 ml
Manufacturer: Hi-Line Aqua

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