ZERO SLUDGE-L Pond Bottom Cleaner 4 Kg


ZERO SLUDGE-L Pond Bottom Cleaner 4 Kg


For sustainable fish and shrimp culture, good quality pond bottom management is very crucial. The survival and good growth of fish and shrimp depend mainly on clean pond bottom conditions and quality of water. Due to various reasons , the consumption of feed given to fish and shrimp is only 60 to 85 % and the remaining 15 to 40 % gets accumulated in the pond bottom. This accumulated feed contains lot of proteins and other organic substances, which gets added to the organic sludge. During this process, harmful gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and nitrites are produced in the pond.

Accumulation of leftover feed and other organic sludge in the pond bottom result s in spread and development of various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Due to this the stress on the growth and mortality of shrimp and fish increases, resulting in decreased production and profitability. It is proved that bioremediation process reduces production of harmful gases and enhances pond bottom cleanliness.

Considering the beneficial effects of bioremediation, ZERO SLUDGE-L is developed  to take care of the above problems.

Benefits of ZERO SLUDGE-L:

  • Digests organic matter from pond bottom and clears organic sludge
  • Increases DO and reduces Ammonia, H2S and Nitrites
  • Protects shrimp and fish from viral and bacterial diseases by eliminating pathogens
  • Improves pond ecology and shrimp survival
  • Improves FCR
  • Decomposes uneaten feed and reduces BOD and COD.

Consortium of Microbes, Probiotics, Enzymes, Herbals & Microbial Immobilisers

At the time of pond preparation:
5 to 6 Kgs per acre during pond preparation before stocking

During Culture Period:
1 to 1.5 Kg per acre once in 11 days during culture

Method of Application:
During Pond Preparation:
Fill the pond at least with 2ft deep water column and broadcast ZERO SLUDGE-L uniformly over the pond after mixing with sufficient quantity of water or sand.

During Culture Period:
Broadcast ZERO SLUDGE-L uniformly over the pond after mixing with sufficient quantity of water or sand.

Store in dry place at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight

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