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Hikari Cichlid Biogold Plus (Mini Pellet) - 57 g

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Hikari Cichlid Biogold Plus Mini Pellet (Hikari Aquarium Fish floating Food) is ideal for all types of top-feeding carnivorous cichlids and larger tropical fish when rapid growth and superior coloration are desired. 


  • World's original probiotic enhanced cichlid diet. 
  • Expect rapid growth & desirable form. 
  • Offers an extreme feed efficiency rating. 


  • Includes a beneficial. live (viable) micro-organism we call "Probiotic", supports digestive health while supporting immune system health too. 
  • Expect rapid and vibrant coloration not normally possible with other foods, as a direct result of the higher levels of pure-cultured spirulina and highly purified Astaxanthin, both of which your aquatic pet can readily synthesize. 
  • Efficient nutrient utilization and an unmatched feed efficiency helps reduce waste output. The continued activity of the "Probiotic", which works to decompose the expelled waste, helps improve overall water quality while reducing regular aquarium maintenance. 
  • Another Hikari world's 1st - The first cichlid diet on the market to include a probiotic. 

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Customer Reviews

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