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Hikari Cichlid Excel Mini - 57 g

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Hikari Cichlid Excel Mini (Hikari Aquarium Fish floating Food) is ideal for all types of herbivorous cichlids and larger tropical fish who desire a diet rich in vegetable matter. A specially formulated daily diet for herbivorous (plant eating) cichlids or larger tropical fish offering higher levels of the vegetable matter they need. 


  • Contains vegetable matter which African cichlids desire. 
  • Helps your aquatic pet look their best. 
  • Quickly devoured, Highly digestible.  


  • A perfect blend of highly natural ingredients meant to meet the nutritional demands of most top-feeding herbivorous fish. 
  • Contains select portions of the wheat-germ kernel, which naturally offers higher digestibility and elevated levels of Vitamin E and linolenic acid which supports organ health and reproductive capacity. 
  • In our quest for only the best ingredients, only pure-cultured Spirulina is used to offer eye-popping, vibrant coloration.
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health. The floating pellet never clouds your aquarium water.   

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