CHARGEMIN - Growth Promoter for Shrimp


CHARGEMIN - Growth Promoter for Shrimp


Mineral supplements for faster growth and high productivity


Essential minerals such as Ca, Mg, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Iron, Cobalt, Manganese, Iodine, Zinc etc., with Vitamins and Amino Acids.

Benefits :

  • Enhance feed intake with high nutrient absorption.
  • Prevent soft shell & white muscle disease through improved moulting cycle.
  • Better growth & weight gain with better endo & exoskeletal formation.
  • Enhance natural productivity with optimal phytoplankton growth.
  • Improve survival rate with effective tissue repair & wound healing mechanisms.

Dosage :

Pond Preparation: 7-10 kg/ acre

Feed Preparation: 5-20 gm/kg of feed twice a day,

(before and after moulting peak) (Specifically, 0-20 Doc: 5-10 gm/kg, 22-60 DOC: 10-20 gm/kg, 61- end of the culture: 20 gm/kg)

Pond Application: 5-10 kg/acre (once in a week from 12-60 DOC and twice in a week for > 60 DOC) or as advised by Aqua Technician.


Pond Application: mix CHARGEMIN with water and spread all over the pond and switch on the aerator after application for equal distribution. It is recommended to apply CHARGEMIN in the morning time for best results. For feed application, mix CHARGEMIN with OLIGOMAX gel uniformly spread over the feed before feeding.

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