RBL India

Ecomin-Fort - Aquafeed Supplement with Essential Minerals - 10 Kg


The RBL's Ecomin-Fort is a combination of essential chelated Micro Minerals, Organic minerals with Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium and essential elements in proportionate combination. Minerals provide structural and functional support for the body, helps to regulate body tissue growth, act as cofactor for enzyme rations, maintain the pH balance within the body and facilitate the transfer of nutrients across cell membrane. 


  • Helps osmoregulation & natural impulse transmission thus improve the immune system & growth of the Shrimps. 
  • Prevents the shrimp from mineral deficiency like soft & loose shell syndrome, white muscle disease & muscle cramping. 
  • Maintains mineral balance in pond water through which it provides necessary ingredients for molting and shrimp growth. 
  • Promotes beneficial phytoplankton growth thus acting as feed supplement.
  • Regulates molting and better shell formation of shrimp through which it controls running mortality. 


  • During pond preparation - 20 Kg per Acre
  • During culture - 10 Kg per Acre

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