Melba Vitzyme - Shrimp Stress Reliever - Aqua Shrimp Feed Supplement- 400 g


MELBA Vitzyme (Shrimp stress reliever - Aqua shrimp feed supplement) Boost is a specially formulated feed additive which provides excellent stress management nutrition for shrimp to handle variation of salinity, pH, Temperature and high organic load accumulation in the pond. 

Melba Vitzyme ™is a formulated shrimp feed supplement for stress management. 

The strategy of supplementing the shrimp with essential nutrients to develop its response to stress factors is vital for the cultured shrimp to respond well in adverse conditions. 

The formulation on regular use will enhance the shrimp health indicators and will help in the efficient growth of the cultured shrimp.



  • Melba Vitzyme™supports in shrimp for better calcium and phosphorus absorption of feed as well as water.
  • Supports in post molt shell thickening.
  • Helps shrimp to withstand environmental stress, helps in better feed utilization
    and FCR.

Dosage & Application

  • Regular Dosage :  5 g per kg of feed x 2 meals per day all through the culture
  • Treatment Dosage : : In case of high salinity more than 40 ppt or low salinity
    less than 4 ppt, give 5 g per kg of feed x all meals per day x 1 week. 

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