AOP Plus (18 KG)

AOP Plus (18 KG)

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AOP Plus provides higher content of available oxygen, a higher dissolution rate into the water, plays a key role in the success of a zero water exchange system by neutralizing the effect of toxic compounds and improving overall water quality, favours the process of bioremediation by providing adequate dissolved oxygen in aquaculture ponds, thereby reduces the need for water exchange.

Breakdown of organic flocks and lessening of sludge build up.
Improves water coloration thereby improving water quality.
Regulates pH fluctuations.
Reduces the need for water exchange, provided aeration is adequate.
Eliminates malodor in the ponds as well as the off-flavor from shrimp.

How to use
Shrimp pond: 1 to 2 Kg/hectare/meter water depth
Apply AOP Plus once every fortnight according to water quality or as advised by Aquaculture consultant.
Apply AOP Plus uniformly throughout the pond.

Specialty formulation of Metaborate Peroxyhydrate, Tetraacetylethylenediamine with adsorbents, deodorizers, stabilizers and activators.

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