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Bacimor AVV - Water Probiotics for Shrimp Culture- 100 g


BACIMOR AVV (Anti-Viral Vibrio ) is a Bacillus microbial product (water probiotics) used in shrimp culture for:

  1. Producing natural enzymes like Phytase, Protease, Amylase and Lipase which improve digestion, absorption and assimilation in the intestinal tract
  2. Controlling pathogens by producing antagonistic compound against them and competing with them for nutrients and attachment sites
  3. Effective degradation of waste matter
  4. Maintaining stable water quality parameters
  5. Improving the overall health of the shrimps, eliminating stress and enhancing immunity against bacterial/viral infections
  6. Works very well in 0 – 70 ppt salinity and in Aerobic (Water) and Anaerobic (sediment) condition


Water Application: Mix 50 g of BACIMOR in 20 liters of clean water and apply within 2–3 hours over one hectare of pond water area.


Mixture of different strains of Bacillus species (50 Billion CFU / gm)        
Bacillus subtillis           Bacillus licheniformis                             
Bacillus licheniformis   Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus polymyxa        Bacillus pumilus
Soy Flour - 100 mg/g, NaCl - 480 mg/g, Glucose - 20 mg/g, Sucrose - 60 mg/g
Sipernet 20 mg/g

Natural enzymes (10 mg/g): Amylase, Sucrase, Phytase, Arabinase, Cellulase, Alpha 1-3 glucanase, Lipase, Nuclease and Protease

Product Form:  Brown colored dry powder
Weight: 100 gms 
Packing:  Sealed plastic containers
Manufacturer: Hi-Line Aqua Pvt Ltd

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