RBL India

Ammo-Rid - 1 Kg

  • Rs. 1,260.00
  • Save Rs. 690

The RBL's Ammo-Rid has an unique combination of Probiotics & Herbal extracts for Ammonia & other toxic gases. 


  • Binds Ammonia, Nitrite & other Toxic gases like H2S, Co, Co2 etc..,
  • Speedup the natural process of waste degradation.
  • Helps for maintaining the pond bottom & prevents running mortality.
  • Improves Oxygen carrying capacity of pond water.
  • Facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria & maintains better aquatic system.


  • A combination of Saponin, Bioscavengers and other essential herbal extracts. 


  • 1 Kg/ha as directed by Aquaculture officer. 

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