Wunapuo -15 | 25 Kg (5 bags of 5 Kg)


Wunapuo -15 | 25 Kg (5 bags of 5 Kg)

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The Wunapuo  is the first ever probiotic introduced into the indian market in 1993 and being consistently upgraded from Team Aqua corporation, Taiwan. Now exclusively available at Aquaconnect.  

This Wunapuo - 15 - A super power aquaculture probiotic water treatment additive can perform multifunctional roles of Probiotic + Minerals + Pond bottom. It has balance minerals , micro elements and bacterial strains of high natural origin. Regular usage will avoid black soil formation, controls vibrio & prevent H ₂S formation. 

No additional Water & Soil probiotic needed as Wunapuo will serve you both purpose, No additional minerals and no additional Vibrio control required on regular application. 



  • Shrimp health is maintained well.
  •  Can be used in low saline, fresh water and high saline waters up to 50 PPT. 
  • Maintain beneficial bacteria population in the pond. 
  • Breakdown and eliminate the H ₂S, NO ₂, NH₃ and other toxic waste products in the pond. 
  • Activates the soil and contributes to maintenance of optimum water quality. 
  • The pond bottom is clean after each harvest. 
  • Adjusts and balances the plankton growth in the pond so as to establish and maintain the optimum water quality. 


  • Microbe: Bacillus subtills, Denitrification bacteria, Aerobacter spp. 
  • Minerals and micro elements such as Na, Al, Ca, K, P, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co, I, Se etc.

Application Instruction

  • Pond water transparency should be lower than 30 cm. 
  • Application frequency should be once every 10 days, 5 Kg/Acre 1 m water height.
  • Mix the required quantity of Wunapuo - 15 along with the pond water in a bucket and broadcast evenly in the pond. 

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