SRR Premium : Impeller (Long Arm Aerator)

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SRR Premium : Impeller (Long Arm Aerator)

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The SRR Aqua's Impeller (Long Arm Aerator) premium Aerator spare comes with 100% virgin raw plastic.


  • Heavy splash
  • Premium quality - 100% Virgin plastic with UV treated
  • Durable, tough and corrosion-resistant
  • With a non-magnetic bushing, it results in good toughness and endurance
  • 8 impellers in an exclusive blade angle design with hexagon holes, which can generate wide and sturdy water current, providing higher oxygen supply and excellent water circulation
  • Long life
  • 100% Made In India
  • Easy availability

Product details

Structure Type Single
Impeller Blade Type Forward-curved
Impeller Weight 2.5 Kg
Brand/make SRR AQUA
Model/Type Impeller

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