BIO CLEAN 1 litre

BIO CLEAN 1 litre

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BIO-CLEAN is a very efficient antimicrobial compound. It is capable of reducing pathogenic load in the aquaculture ponds. The pond water gets polluted continuously from different routes, hence, it needs to be disinfected continuously, BIO-CLEAN does this work efficiently.

How it works:

BIO-CLEAN is a quaternary ammonium compound that acts as a cationic surfactant. It binds to the cell membrane wall of pathogenic organisms and disrupts the metabolic activities of the pathogenic cells (organisms) due to which they die rapidly.

BIO-CLEAN is a very strong biocide that is useful against algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

  • Drastic reduction in the population of pathogenic organism
  • Enhances the efficiency of probiotics to competitively inhibit the pathogens in the digestive system (GI tract)
  • Mortality of prawns and fishes completely stops or is significantly reduced
  • Feed intake increases, hence, better ADG (Average Daily Growth).

Composition & Dosage

Benzalkonium chloride and di-methyl benzyl ammonium chloride @80%
Molecular Weight : 340
Molecular Formula : C12H38NCL


The doses can vary from 0.5L to 1L/1000m3 depending on the age and body weight of the animals.

Presentation : 1 Ltr. PVC Container
Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK 

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