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The microbes in TOXI-CLEAN convert organic matters in pond bottom into useful nutrients to maintain favorable phytoplankton community. Intensive production practices often lead to deposition of organic matter at the bottom of the pond. Unutilized feed, dead plankton, fecal matter, etc. contribute to heavy organic load and help to propagate anaerobic microorganisms. This results in depletion of oxygen level and accumulation of harmful chemicals like H2S, NH3, amines, mercaptans, etc.

How it works

Rhodococcus: A potential agent for the bioremediation of pollutants like hydrocarbons. Their ability to undergo microaerophilic and aerobic respiration allows them to survive in a diversified environment.They also fix nitrogen.

Rhodobacter: It is able to fix nitrogen and is remarkably, metabolically diverse as it is able to grow heterotrophically via fermentation and through aerobic & anaerobic respiration.

Thiobacillus: Oxidizes Ferrous ions, Sulphur & sulphides. Removes iron pyrites. Controls vibrio. Nitrosomonas: It obligates autotrophs, solubilizes phosphorus and converts ammonia to NO2.

Nitrobacter: Converts NO2 to NO3 (nitrites to nitrates) and obligates autotrophs.

Rhodopsedomonas palustris: It can flexibly switch among the four modes of metabolism that support life: photo-autotrophic, photo-heterotrophic, chemo-autotrophic & chemo-heterotrophic. 

It can also fix carbon and nitrogen making it an all-rounder.

Pre-condition for Use:

  • Moderate bi-carbonate alkalinity is mostly required for the proper functioning of the probiotic
  • Application of fermented juice in every fourth day of using TOXI-CLEAN

Composition & Dosage

A perfect blend of viable organisms that help to eliminate ammonia, nitrate, sulphide, amines and related problems.


Pond application: For shrimp : 250 - 300 gm/1000m3 at every 10-12 days interval, For fish : 400gm/acre once every fortnight

As feed supplement: 5-10 gm/kg of feed in 1 meal for 3 days in a week or as directed by aquaculture consultant.

Presentation: 1 Kg. PVC Container
Manufacturer: TAAS BIOTEK

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