Bacrich (pond) - 500gms

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Bacrich is a mixture of a gram-positive Bacillus spores. These selected strains are naturally occurred in marine beds and intestinal tracts of Shrimps/Fish. They are eco friendly and non pathogenic to the environment.

It works well against pathogens. They are very efficient in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. They also work well in wide ranges of salinity(0-70 PPT) and in different pH levels.  Bacillus species presents  in Bacrich are also excellent producers of enzymes, which speed up the natural process of digestion in the gut and waste degradation of pond bottom.

Bacrich is having two different combinations of microbial products. Bacrich improve the pond water quality, clean the pond bottom and suppress the pathogenic load. 


Contain mixture of different species of Bacillus (5*109 CFU/gram) with high quality fillers.


  • Control vibrio populations.
  • Improves FCR
  • Improve intestinal health and natural activities of the gut.
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improve the pond bottom
  • Rapidly digest the organic waste.
  • Stabilize water quality parameters.
  • Improve overall health of shrimps.


Soak the required quantity of Bacrich in fresh water for 2 hours before application.

Bacrich(Pond): 200gms/Acre or as advised by your consultant.

Manufacturer or distributor: Sri Sai biotech

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