Ultrasil (25 KG)

Ultrasil (25 KG)

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UltraSil-Aqua purifies water and improves dissolved oxygen content of water,
also absorbs Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide and other poisonous
gases, thereby achieving improved feed efficiency in Shrimp and prawn. Vast
surface area for absorption and makes the habitat of Shrimp, Prawn clean and

Multi minerals of Hydrated Sodium Allumino Silicates.


  • Better survival rate of shrimp and fish
  • Improved feed intake of shrimp and fish
  • Good growth rate of shrimp and fish


  • Aquaculture Feed Application: 5 kg to 10 kg per 1.0 ton of feed
  • Aquaculture Pond Application: 10 kg to 40 kg per Acre or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

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