Wockcee (500 GM)

Wockcee (500 GM)

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WOCKCEE TM is a new, highly stable, digestable form of vitamin C as a feed ingredient, which is readily absorbed by shrimps, also beige, spray dried powder consisting of a stabilized (phosporylated) Na/Ca salt of L-ascorbic acid.

Sodium calcium L-ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate


  • Normal condition: 1.0 g/Kg of feed
  • Under stress condition: 2.0 g/Kg of feed
  • Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in pond and shrimp health or as per the advice of consultant.

Provides stable and bio-available vitamin C. 

  • Improves survival rate, food convertion ratio (FCR) &accelerates growth.
  • Increases body weight.
  • vitamin C increases resistance to infection and fast wound healing.
  • Strengthens host defense mechanism by increasing resistance to: Stress, High mortality, Disease.

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