Nutrifeast - Probiotic


Nutrifeast - Improves Nutrition and Health of Shrimp - 500 g


Nutrifeast (Improves Nutrition and Health)

Baylife Nutrifeast is a specifically formulated probiotic with selected Bacillus strains to improve the nutrition and health of shrimps through multiple mechanisms.


  • It complements shrimp’s ability to digest the feed.
  • The enzymes secreted by Bacilius strains help in easy digestion of protein, starch and Lipids. This results in improved digestion and feed conversion. 
  • Production of Natural anti-microbial compounds, thus reducing the risk of vibrious and oter bacterial diseases
  • Selected Bacilus strains produce extra Cellular Compounds that enhance the immune system response, there by protecting the shrimp from disease.
  • BayLife  NUTRIFEAST reduces morality and improves growth and yield in shrimp farming.


Specifically selected strains of Bacillus licheniformis, B. pumilus and B. Subtilis compatible with the shrimp’s digestive system. 

High spore count:>1.5*10^9 cfu/gm to enhance control of Pathogenic bacteria in the gut through competitive Exclusion.


 Apply  1-2 gms/kg on Every Feeding.
Recommendations: Mix 1-2 gms of BayLife NUTRIFEAST per kg of shrimp feed with  Suitable binder, mix homogenously, and shade dry for 20 minuteas prior to feeding.
Net wt:  500 gms
Storage: Store the product on cool and dry condition away from direct sunlight.
Use with in 24hrs of manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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