Aquasol pH (Aquaculture Salt Water) – 500 Tests

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pH Test Kit is the standard measure of how acidic or alkaline a solution is. It is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in solution. pH is important because chemical processes take place when water has a certain ph. A pH indicator, giving different colors at different pH is a simple and reliable method to read pH for routine monitoring. The AQUASOL pH water test kit (Aquaculture Water Quality Test Kit) comprises of a universal indicator, giving clear colors which match the color chart perfectly. An extremely easy to use product, it finds usage in almost all processes.

Why Aquasol pH Test Kit ? 

  • Easy to follow procedures.
  • Economical.
  • Rapid & Accurate. 
  • Based on proven methods. 
  • Reliable. 
  • Backed by sound chemical research. 

Product Details 

  • Brand : Aquasol
  • Cover Material : Plastic
  • Range : 7.4 - 9.0
  • No of tests : 500
  • Code : AE-326


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