Bacimax Pro - Shrimp Water Probiotics for Aquaculture - 100 g


MELBA's Bacimax Pro (Shrimp Water Probiotics in Aquaculture) is a highly concentrated encapsulated probiotic formulation for use in shrimp aquaculture for pond water quality, pond bottom maintenance and treatment. 

The combination of Bacillus strains with super high concentration enables for a targeted Rapid propagation of beneficial bacteria, both by introduction and supplementing native microbiota. 

The rapid propagation in number by beneficial bacteria is useful for many situations where there is sudden influx or drop in water quality parameters. 


  • Super high concentrated probiotic formulation. 
  • Maintains good water quality and pond bottom with regular usage reduces black soil formation. Also prevents ammonia build up. 
  • Provides optimum water quality to promote good shrimp health, growth and helps in FCR. Concentrated product provides optimum function even used in smaller quantity applications. 

Application & Dosage

  • Apply 20 g per acre at 1 m water depth. 
  • Mix 20 g of Bacimax Pro in 5 ltr of clean water, mix the product well and apply evenly throughout the pond. 
  • Frequency of application in 7 days. 

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