Bacimax - Shrimp Water Probiotics for Aquaculture - 900 g


MELBA's Bacimax (Shrimp Water Probiotics in Aquaculture) is a new generation encapsulated probiotic combination for maintaining shrimp pond water quality & pond bottom. It is designed to protect, nurture and sustain good pond water for Shrimp Aquaculture. 

The combination of Bacillus strains are specific in functions of steady propagation without disturbing the balance of biodiversity in the pond and supplementing the growth of native beneficial micro-flora and micro-fauna. 

The stable microbiota due to Bacimax enables development of optimum water quality parameters of a active pond. 


  • Promotes and maintains the optimum water quality and reduces black soil in the pond bottom. 
  • Converts toxic waste and ammonia as nutrients for growth and maintains algal bloom. 
  • Regular use of Bacimax promotes healthy pond bottom and improves the overall Shrimp health. 

Application & Dosage

  • 900 g of Bacimax per acre at 1 m water depth. 
  • Mix 900 g of Bacimax in 5 ltr of clean water and spread evenly throughout the pond. 
  • Apply the product once in 7 days. 

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