Baybond 5Kg

Baybond 5Kg

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Baylife Baybond (Binder for nutrient stability)

Baybond is a highly stable, attractant binder gel enriched with essential nutrients in a highly bioavailable form, antioxidants, and carotenoids for better feed nutrition.

It’s 100% natural binder, enriched with ω3 & ω6 fatty acids, cholesterol and carotenoids to bring out the natural color in aquatic species.


  • Baybond prevents the leaching of nutrients.
  • Essential fatty acids in the formula improve the health, carotenoids help in enhancing the pigmentation and cholesterol supplements the ideal levels in shrimps.
  • Overall it prevents the wastage of feed, nutrients, additives, and supplements, thereby optimize the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).
  • The role of binding gels is to effectively hold the additives & supplements added to the deed on the topcoat and hold for a minimum period to be available for the shrimp and fish till their consumption.


Organic and water-stable binding agents with essential fatty acids, cholesterol, and carotenoids.


10-15 gm/kg feed (Depending on the feed pellet size and quality)


For feed binder -Mix 10 gm of Baybond per Kg shrimp feed and recommended dose with other additives and supplements, mix homogenously and shade dry for 20 minutes prior to feeding.

Net wt: 5 Kg & 20 Kg
Storage: Store this product out of direct sunlight under cool and dry conditions. Best before 24 months from manufacture.
Brand: The Waterbase Limited

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