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C-VITAL (Coated Vitamin C) for Shrimp/Fish - 1 Kg

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C- Vital is the feed grade, stable, coated Vitamin ‘C” specially made for aquatic animals. Vitamin ‘C’ is crucial for aquatic animals. As they can not synthesis Vitamin ‘C’ themselves, it must be obtained through their diets.  C-Vital is an essential dietary nutrient in shrimp / Fish diets, ensuring outstanding bio-availability.


  • Improve the immunity of the shrimp/fish
  • Reduce the negative impact of disease
  • Improve the survival rate
  • Improve the overall health of shrimp


C-Vital contains a pure form of Vitamin ‘C’- I-Ascorbic acid 2-monophosphate. It is used only for aquaculture purposes. Not for human consumption.

Dosage & Application   

C-Vital mixed with feed at the rate of 5 g per kilo. Use available binders for effective application. Minimum one meal per day.

Product Form: Beige color Powder.

Net weight: 1 Kg


C-Vital should be stored in a cool dry place. The open pack should be resealed immediately after use.

Manufacturer: Hi-Line Aqua Pvt Ltd 

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